Instructions for 5 fastest ways to look up Viettel SIM phone numbers

Are you using Viettel phone sim? Do you want to know how to look up the phone number of Viettel sim because you forgot the number? Very simple! will help you perform this operation in 5 simple ways in the article below.

Check Viettel sim phone number with USSD code

With this method, you will have 2 simple ways to look up the phone number of Viettel sim :

– Use *098#: You just need to press *098# and press the call button to know what SIM number you are using.

– Use *101#: This is also a way to know the phone number you are using. However, this method can only be used when the SIM you want to check is a prepaid SIM.

There is a way to know what phone number you are using when you use Viettel’s sim. That is to go to the messaging application and press the syntax: TTTB to send to number 1414. The system will send feedback to you with the SIM’s phone number in the response content. With this method, you not only know your phone number but also the name of the SIM owner, your date of birth and your ID/CCCD number… This is a very interesting way that you should not miss.

Another simple way to look up Viettel SIM phone numbers that you can consider is to call the network operator’s switchboard. You will have 2 options: call 198 (free call) or 18008098 to get support from Viettel’s customer service staff. When calling, press 5 to meet the staff directly. This method is quite simple. However, you need to make sure that your phone account has money, especially when calling 18008098. Because the service fee will be 1000 VND/minute.

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