Instructions on how to open a Vietnamobile 2-way locked sim card quickly and simply

How to quickly and simply unlock a locked Vietnamobile 2-way SIM card to continue using the SIM card? In fact, there are many reasons for a locked 2-way SIM card. Depending on each case, your handling will be different. Let help you answer these questions in the article below.

Reasons why Vietnamobile SIM is 2-way locked

Are you using prepaid or postpaid Vietnamobile sim? If you want to know how to open a Vietnamobile 2-way locked sim, you need to know why the sim is locked. 

For prepaid Vietnamobile sim

The main reason why the prepaid Vietnamobile sim is locked is that the specified time has passed but the user does not deposit money into the account. According to regulations, the network operator will send a notice to the subscriber. If you still do not recharge, the sim will be locked in both directions. In addition, there are some cases where you will have another 2-way SIM locked, such as: entering the wrong PUK SIM code or having the SIM not registered to the owner be locked as soon as you buy it…

For Vietnamobile postpaid sim

The common reason why Vietnamobile postpaid sim is blocked in both directions is that the subscriber is late in paying the fee. If the payment time exceeds, it will be difficult for the network operator to make one-way calls. If the subscriber continues to not pay, a 2-way lock will be performed. Besides, if you enter the wrong PUK code 3 times, your SIM will be locked 2-way by the network to ensure the security of the SIM.

Ways to unlock locked 2-way Vietnamobile SIM you need to know

Depending on the reason the SIM is locked, the way to open the Vietnamobile 2-way locked SIM will also be different. Specifically:

How to open Vietnamobile sim locked in both directions due to expiration

If your SIM expires in less than 30 days, you can fix it by adding money to your account. The system will automatically unlock for you to connect to other subscribers.

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