“Roll call” of super hot monthly Viettel 4G packages in 2022

If you are using Viettel mobile network, you cannot ignore the monthly 4G Viettel packages of this “big guy”. This is a simple way for you to connect to the internet anytime, anywhere at the most economical cost. For detailed information, Simdepviettel.net will help you answer right below.

Advantages of registering for monthly Viettel 4G packages

Why are Viettel 4G monthly packages so hot? If you are a “citizen” of Viettel network, these will be attractive benefits you should consider.

– Registering for a monthly 4G package will save you more money than registering for 1-day, 7-day packages…

– You don’t waste time registering every day or having to interrupt access because short-term packages expire.

– You can freely access the internet anytime without worrying about your package expiring.

– Viettel prioritizes high access speed for most monthly 4G subscription packages, helping you surf the web and access social networks “smoothly”.

Many Viettel 4G monthly packages are deployed, bringing super attractive benefits

5 ways to help you quickly register for Viettel’s monthly 4G packages

If you want to register for Viettel 4G monthly packages, you will have many different ways such as:

– Send a message to 191.

– Register via portal *098#

– Use the My Viettel app to register for a monthly 4G package

– Visit Viettel’s website to choose the appropriate monthly 4G package.

– Contact switchboard 9123 to register for the 4G data package you want.

Viettel’s typical monthly 4G packages

Below are the most selected monthly Viettel 4G packages. Please refer to this to consider and find the package that is right for you.

4G package with 1 month unlimited data access 

– These are packages that are not limited by data by Viettel. That means, when you run out of preferential data according to the package you choose, the network will give you free access at normal speed without having to register further. As follows:

– UMAX4G package: This package will cost 50,000 VND/30 days. You will have high-speed 5Gb access. The registration syntax is: UMAX4G 0987059059 send to 9123.

– XL90U package: For only 90,000 VND/30 days you will immediately have 9GB of high-speed access. Just text with the syntax: XL90U 0987059059 send to 9123 and you can experience the package right away.

– MIMAX200 package: The registration fee for this 4G package is 200,000 VND/30 days. You immediately have 15GB. The registration syntax is simple as follows: MIMAX200 0987059059 send to 9123.

– UMAX300 package: This 4G package has a registration fee of 300,000 VND/30 days. You just need to text: UMAX300 0987059059 send to 9123 to immediately get 30GB of high-speed access.

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